This page contains links to software that I have designed and created personally. All software is provided free and I welcome your feedback in case you find it useful.

I publish my software for download at the Adobe® AIR™ Marketplace. You can find my publisher page over here and can download any of the software.

To install and use the software, please make sure that you have installed the Adobe AIR runtime first. This is available as a free download here. Just click on the Download now button and install it first. Then download the application file and simply double-click / open it. It will install itself.

Application List

Wordnik Developer Challenge submissions

I submitted several applications as part of the Wordnik Developer Challenge recently. My submission page with all the applications is present over here. My Dictionary Google Talk Bot won an honorable mention. Please find the announcement here.

Cows and Bulls:
Cows and Bulls is a number guessing game. The target is to guess a 4-digit number that the computer has guessed.

Download Link

Alphabet Blast:
An Adobe® AIR™ based game to help kids and adults alike to get comfortable with the keyboard while playing a game.

Download Link

Kids Challenge Mathematics:
Generate Math Question Sets for Kids(Grade 1). Questions include simple addition, smaller/larger, ascending/descending, etc.

Download Link

1-2 Ka 4
A children’s game based on the classic game “Ekka Par Chaar”.

Download Link


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