Mumbai Health Tracker is for the city that I reside in : Mumbai.

Tracking Health Incidents

This concept is not new. In all parts of the world, hospitals and government organizations track health incidents (especially of contagious diseases) in different areas to help understand broad patterns like:

  • Which diseases are more prevalent and what time of the year?
  • Which particular geographical areas are most affected?
  • How does one geographical area compare to another vis-a-vis particular Health incidents?

and so on.

These patterns are a very good indicator of problems that could be affecting certain geographical areas and which in return result in more occurences of health incidents of a certain type.

A good example of health tracking was recently demonstrated when government agencies decided to investigate why water borne diseases were more prevalent in a certain area of a city. And it was found that the water pipes supplying water to that area were corroded as a result of which the diseases were more prevalent. It is exactly this kind of problems that could be solved once we have the DATA. Based on this DATA, government agencies, NGOs can try to dig deeper into why it is happening and take remedial measures.


Mumbai Health Tracker aims to do two things: a) To act as a data collector for each one of us to report health incidents as they happen to us. For e.g. if you have Flu, report it. b) Aggregate the data collected to help establish patterns that could be used by organizations to address and take remedial measures as appropriate.

The key to all is the social web, where each and everyone one of us can report our health incidents. And by Us, I am referring to individuals, organizations, Doctor offices, Hospitals, etc.

Important Links

Get started with Mumbai Health Tracker by visiting its home page : Better still book mark it.

To understand more about how it works, please visit the details page.

Ways you can provide data

It is expected that most people will report this data via the web and you can do that from thehome page. Just enter the Health Incident, your Pincode and click Submit Report. That is all there is to it.

The world has changed and more mediums need to be adopted. Mumbai Health Trackerattempts to be true to that spirit by allowing the user to use various other ways of providing this data. You can provide your data via Email, Google Talk, Twitter and even Google Wave.Please visit the How It Works for more details on this.

Current Set of Reports

Mumbai Health Tracker provides the following reports:

  • Current Month Report for any/all Health Incidents in any/all Pincodes
  • Current Year to Date Report for any/all Health Incidents in any/all Pincodes
  • Compare one or more pincodes vis-a-vis a particular Health Incident
  • Compare different health incidents in a particular area

Visit the Reports page for more details.


The world is flat and time/distance are shrinking daily with people collaborating all over.Mumbai Health Tracker needs you to support it by providing data. And it would not have existed in its current form without contribution in various forms by several people. I wish to acknowledge everyone who heard me out, reviewed the initial version and provided valuable feedback.

I hope you find Mumbai Health Tracker useful. In case you wish to adopt it for the city/country of your choice, do let me know. I will be more than glad to help you customize/deploy this application catered to your needs.


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