When my elder son Aryan went to Std I, he started off on his Mathematics journey. The material that he is supposed to learn is simple at best with basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, ascending/descending order, largest/smallest, etc. So far so good.

However in order to make him practice more, my wife remarked to me that she was creating a lot of material by hand. In short, she was generating the questions by hand, taking a printout and then giving it to my son to solve. This took up a lot of time. There had to be a better way and indeed there was. The application Kids Challenge Mathematics was born.

I released the first version of Kids Challenge Mathematics at the Adobe AIR Marketplace around end of March 2009. The response from parents was positive and we did receive a few positive comments on how much time it has saved if you end up using this application.

What does the application do?

The application allows you to generate a question paper in several questions sets. The question sets cover the following at this point:

  • Ascending/Descending
  • Before/After/Between
  • Less/Greater/Equal
  • Largest/Smallest
  • Tens and Ones
  • Sequence
  • Number Names
  • Addition
  • Multiplication
  • Subtraction

You can generate as many questions you want. You could also choose one or more modules — it is completely flexible. You can then save your question paper as a PDF file (The application does that for you). Copy-Paste is also supported in case you wish to further format the questions in an application/format of your choice.

Once you have printed the PDF, you can hand it over to your kid to crack it !


These are actual samples of the PDF generated by Kids Challenge Mathematics:

Sample 1 |   Sample 2 Sample 3

Latest Release

I am pleased to release the latest version of the application to you all. It comes with a few bug fixes (ofcourse!) and two new modules namely:

  • Multiplication
  • Subtraction

All other features remain the same and you should be able to safely upgrade your current version to the newer version without any issues.

How to install

  1. To install and use the software, please make sure that you have installed the Adobe AIR runtime first. This is available as a free download here. Just click on the Download now button and install it first. Then download the application file and simply double-click / open it. It will install itself.
  2. Download the latest version of the application from here : Download Link. Simply double-click and it will install itself provided you have completed Step 1.


I am looking at feedback of all kinds if you use the application and find it useful. I look forward to your comments and promise that you will receive a response for sure. You can contact me at


Several new modules are in the making and will be released before the end of the year 2009. Some of them include:

  • What time is it?
  • Addition for 2,3,4 digit numbers (including carry over)
  • Subtraction for 2,3,4 digit numbers (including borrow)
  • Multiplication of 2 digit numbers (including carryover)

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