HTML5 Tutorial

Web applications are getting powerful by the day. The latest version of HTML named HTML5 brings a powerful set of standards and API that will bring new capabilities to Web applications. The browser vendors too are in a race to implement most of the standards and while incompatibilities do exist, developers today can start learning and evaluating HTML5 features in most browsers today. Through this series, we plan to introduce small snippets of code that demonstrate a feature in HTML5.

Get started with HTML5 today as I take you step by step through several of the features. My Original Series has been covered at O’Reilly.


  1. Getting Started with Canvas
  2. Rectangles
  3. Strokes and Fills
  4. Drawing Text
  5. Paths
  6. Circles and Arcs
  7. Images
  8. Graphs With Canvas


  1. Getting Started with Geolocation
  2. More on Geolocation


  1. Getting Started with Storage
  2. More on Storage


  1. New features in HTML5 for Forms
  2. New Form Elements
  3. Form Validation
  4. Voice Enabled Input Forms via x-webkit-speech

Feature Detection

  1. Browser Capabilities Tools
  2. Using Modernizr

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HTML5 Presentations


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