I am a published author of technical books & articles.

Writing a book is a unique experience and I strongly recommend anyone with a technical background and interested in writing to give it a shot.

The books that I have contributed to are listed below:

1. AXIS : Next Generation Java SOAP

2. Web Services Business Strategies and Architectures

3. Beginning JSP Web Development

4. Professional Apache Tomcat
5. Professional Java Web Services

I have also reviewed several technical books as a technical reviewer for Wrox Publications and most recently with O’Reilly. The most recent book for which I was a technical reviewer is :

Programming Flex 3
by Chafic Kazoun and Joey Lott.


I have written several articles that have got published in various technical sites. Here are a few of the articles. I will keep this page updated with the latest articles.

Older Articles

Some of the articles listed below do go back several years and may have lost relevance since they are in the fast moving and quickly-obsolete world of technology.

  1. Receive Application Errors via Yahoo Messenger
  2. Introduction to ebXML : Part I and Part II
  3. Versioning of Web Services
  4. Web Service Intermediaries
  5. Practical Considerations in Implementing Web Services
  6. Enabling Web Services with BEA Weblogic
  7. CapeConnect Three from Cape Clear Software