Tech Stories To Read This Week : Jan 6, 2016

Here are the Tech stories to read this week.

  1. Engineering IoT Solutions with Go: You don’t often hear about IoT solutions selecting Go as the preferred language. This article goes into the details of multiple other languages that the team considered, their pros and cons and finally how they ended up selecting Go.
  2. GCP for AWS professionals : If you familiar with AWS and want to see the equivalent services/features and how they map to Google Cloud Platform, this is a good guide that gives you a high level picture.
  3. Lessons from Google and eBay on building Ecosystems of Microservices: This article provides some good points on architecte, design, lessons learnt and more from running microservices at scale.
  4. Redis as Time Series Database: A Time Series Database is one of the most important databases and with the growth of  IoT, it is the way to build out track and trace applications. See how you could use Redis to fit this model.
  5. Conceptual Debt v/s Technical Debt: We usually hear more of Technical Debt but Conceptual Debt has bigger consequences. I agree with the author in this theory.
  6. Year of Concurrency on the Web : Every developer needs to understand concurrency upfront. It has started to become a first class citizen in certain languages / frameworks and for good reason. This article presents an interesting analysis of where we stand vis-a-vis concurrency and web standards.
  7. APIs as Economic Game Changers: Mark boyd analyzes the recent API Strategy and Practice Conference held in Austin and presents an overview how organizations continue to center the business models around APIs.
  8. Kubernetes concepts in 10 minutes: Google Developer Expert Omer Dawelbeit explains Kubernetes, a key orchestration service around containers. Highly recommended if you are invested in Container Technology in 2016 and want to get to grips with Container Orchestration solutions, of which, Kubernetes is the current popular platform.

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