GCPUG India – Mumbai and Pune Chapter Launch Events

GCPUG (Google Cloud Platform User Group) India got launched last week with launch events held in Mumbai (July 2) and Pune (July 4). The goal of GCPUG is to bring together GCP users/enthusiasts and build a community around them.


The events in Mumbai and Pune saw a great turnout with a good mix of participants who have been using the platform and those who wanted to understand the various services available under the GCP umbrella. As a chapter lead, I kicked off the events in Mumbai and Pune with an overview of GCPUG, its mission and a quick introduction to Google Cloud Platform. You can find the slides over here:

Once the keynote was done, we had 3 sessions that tackled areas that all developers need to be aware about : Containers, Big Data and Mobile. We had Mandy Waite and Kazunori Sato, top Google Cloud Developer advocates, who have joined us in India to help launch the GCPUG community.

In Mumbai, we had Kazunori Sato cover the Big Data landscape and the services in GCP that help you work with it, namely Big Query and Cloud Dataflow. The session took us through a history of Big Data frameworks at Google with a demo of Big Query. The demo showed a jaw dropping 1TB+ of data being queried in less than 10 seconds.


Mandy Waite was next with a session that covered Containers, Container Orchestration and the power behind that service at Google i.e. Kubernetes. Mandy showed how much of technical complexities like launching Containers, running applications, etc is hidden and front-ended by simple script like files that help achieve that. The demo showed a Guestbook app that was launched across multiple instances and then live updated with code changes. It made for a compelling demo.


Mandy took the final session in Mumbai on Firebase, a real time database in the cloud, that can help power your mobile applications. Several Firebase demos were presented and that included Office Mover, Drawing and even playing Tetris with another player. Collaborative and Real-time editing of the application data + rendering it in the browser showed the power of Firebase. The San Francisco Bus Route tracking demo was excellent and the audience wished that we had something like that for Mumbai. Well, go ahead and build it now with Firebase!

The Pune event followed the same pattern with the keynote and the 3 sessions.

It was good to meet up with the participants, engage with them to learn about the applications that they have been working on. There were several interesting applications that some of them are working on ranging from SaaS based applications to Android applications, all powered by GCP.




The launch events for Chennai and Bengaluru are scheduled in this week and I am sure the GCP community in India will make use of this platform to take the adoption to the next level.

If you have not yet joined the online communities on Google+ and Facebook, I strongly recommend them since all event updates/GCP news will be available on them. To catch up on GCPUG chatter on Twitter, please use the hashtag #gcpug.

The technical presentations and more pictures from the event are available on the Google+ community page.


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