Tech Stories To Read – June 5, 2015 Edition

This stories this week include Google IO 2015 codelabs, a great series on being a better Android developer, Jenkins tutorial and more.

  • Google IO 2015 Codelabs : Google IO is over but what remains is the videos, presentations and most importantly codelabs on a variety of Google Tech that you can try out today at your own pace. I found a few of them very useful to understand what is going on. ¬†And in case you are looking at short summaries of several sessions of Google IO, look no further than these sketchnotes – they are excellent.
  • Coursera – free no more? : If this article is indeed the case across Coursera, then it means that the model is facing challenges not just in terms of organizations accepting this but also universities making a decision and/or Coursera not finding this tenable. I still think the MOOC model is doing fine and expect it to grow stronger.
  • Running Python in a browser: Yes – this is indeed awesome. You don’t really need a sophisticated mobile app for many things and this model is actually enough. Though I am pretty sure it is not sexy enough for most people to latch onto it.
  • Developing for Android : A great series (more episodes will come up – so bookmark this one!) on Android programming details. It is not really about teaching you Java or Android, it is about making you right Android apps that perform well.
  • Jenkins Tutorial : A tutorial on the leading open-source CI Server.
  • Role of a Senior Developer : A pragmatic description of what a Senior Developer is, should be and what he/she brings to the table.

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