Tech Stories To Read – May 29, 2015 Edition

Here are the stories that I found interesting. They include Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report, Firebase realtime database, the true meaning of technical debt vis-a-vis the math and more.

  • 5 developer skills you probably aren’t learning: This article nails a few of the skills that have seen a lot of traction in recent. From my personal experience, Docker and Go have seen huge momentum. Start on them if you haven’t.
  • Technical Debt: Adding Math to the Metaphor: Excellent and detailed article that compares Financial Debt to Technical Debt. Technical Debt is often used loosely but this article goes much further by taking a running example and calculating the costs associated with our decisions. Good solid read.
  • Firebase Presentation: Firebase is a compelling option as a real-time database backend for your IoT projects. Here is a crisp presentation on Firebase.
  • Kubernetes for Developers : A good introductory article that introduces what Kubernetes is and the┬ácomponents in Kubernetes i.e. Pods, Replication Controllers and Services.
  • Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report: This report is now one of the most anticipated ones. Gives interesting data points on how the internet is shaping up across various economies.
  • Web Applications and Slow Internet : The author of this article went through 2 weeks of slow internet and lists down what web applications that have to work in such conditions need to address.

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