Tech Stories To Read – May 24, 2015 Edition

Here are the Tech Stories that I found interesting to read. It covers BigQuery use cases, a brand new Go Course, Blog Post Driven development and more.

  • Blog Post Driven Development: A great writeup on how Estimote uses this technique to super charge the process around user stories and ensuring that everyone is not just aware of the features coming up but actively participate in a discussion to ensure that the new features are indeed what they want.
  • Introduction to Volley : Volley is a networking library introduced by Google a couple of years back. A multi-part tutorial here on the basics of Volley along with a sample application.
  • Apigee API Studio : A tool opened up by Apigee for designing and testing APIs. Its based on Swagger and would be worth checking out if you are into APIs.
  • Learn Go : Satish Talim has setup a great channel on Slack to learn Go Programming language from scratch. Sign up here.
  • Attention Span : Microsoft study shows that Tech is shortening our attention span. I am not sure if a study was needed to validate that. I think not just tech but a lot of other factors are contributing to our inability to be patient with things and people.
  • BigQuery use cases : A couple of nice use cases where Google BigQuery has been applied : Using BigQuery to deliver BI projects faster and at a fraction of the cost & Playing with Data : Birth Plurarity in the US

And there are tons of stories on the net about Java completing 20 years. The language has sustained me for years and here’s wishing a great 20th Birthday to it. Another 20 years – I think it will be there in some way ! 🙂


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