Tech Stories To Read – April 6, 2015 Edition

Here are the Tech Stories that I found interesting to read. It covers Companies and Programming Languages, essential Web Developer Tools to know, Microsoft becoming cool again, a great guide to what it means to document and more.

  • Toolkits for the Mind: A brilliant essay on the correlation between companies and the programming languages that they choose. The choices that they make give a great glimpse into their culture and the need to evolve with time and varied set of requirements.
  • Top 11 Things Every Beginning Web Developer Should Know: This is a great article if you are starting off in Web Development, are in Web Development, mentoring people for Web Development and more. The author has put in a serious effort to identify these things and I agree with every single one of them. Essential Reading stuff here.
  • You Are What You Document : A long and detailed article on the increasing importance of documentation. This should be essential reading for every single software developer.
  • Scalable and Resilient Web Apps: This article is relevant if you are using Google Cloud Platform but even if you are using any other IaaS Provider, this paper presents pragmatic solutions to architecting your cloud application for scalability and availability.
  • The State of Messaging : Messaging as a Platform is a reality today. Check out this article for examples of applications that do that today and why you should utilize this core philosophy into your applications. It does go with an article I had earlier read on why the gateway to your application is the notification (messaging again!)
  • Top 10 API Security Considerations : An API that you release to the world needs to be secure. What does that exactly mean ? Here are some points to definitely consider.
  • Is Microsoft Becoming Cool ? : If you have not been looking at Microsoft of late, it is time that you do. This article gives several points for you to consider, ponder and then give some of its services a try. Take my word for it, that Microsoft does matter and the range of services (especially around Azure) that they have been released are worth a look into.
  • AWS v/s Google : This article is not a point to point comparison of features. In fact, it is not possible to do that given the difference in the number of services, etc. However this article is about the philosophy that is being both these platforms and which manifests in the user experience. Simply put, the key words are “Operational Simplicity”.
  • VisualGo : An excellent set of visualizations + animations to help you understand algorithms. We need more of this, especially for the students. No sorry — for all of us!
  • Staying Technical : This is an often debated topic and a difficult one to get precise answers or direction to. This article goes some way to present a path and attributes you need to invest in a consistent way.

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