Tech Stories To Read – March 26, 2015 Edition

Here are the Tech Stories that I found interesting to read. It covers Java Docker recipes, Tutorials on RecyclerView & CardView and more.

  • Ember JS over Angular JS : With the kind of changes and announcements that have gripped the Angular JS community of late, this article hits the spot.
  • Docker Recipes : Arun Gupta puts together a useful set of Docker recipes if you are working with Java. Trust me that this will save you hours.
  • Google Go – Pros & Cons : Go is picking up much more steam that anyone has anticipated. Here are some good points on its pros and cons.
  • Google Cloud Logging : A great feature release on Google Cloud Platform, where you can consolidate your logs from App Engine and Compute Engine applications. And better still, you can even stream it and analyse it in Big Query.
  • RecyclerView and CardView: Android Lollipop introduced these two important classes which you ought to take a closer look at while developing Android apps.

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