Tech Stories To Read – March 12 , 2015 Edition

Here are the Tech Stories that I found interesting to read. It covers the growing need for developers with Linux skills, Scala use cases, using Lambdas in Java 8, lessons in Phonegap development from seasoned pro and more.

  • The Rise of Linux : Companies are scrambling to find resources that have Linux skills. This is true of most companies/individuals that I have interacted with.
  • Node, Express and MySQL : A good try it yourself tutorial that shows you how to build a URL Shortener with all the goodness of the Node ecosystem.
  • Scala Use Cases : Here is a list of great applications that were written in Scala.
  • Embrace Lambdas in Java 8 : Java 8 has some nice language features and Lambdas is a solid addition to the language. Check out this crisp article on using them today.
  • Watch Face for Android Wear : Fancy writing a watch face for Android Wear? Try out this hands-on code lab.
  • Lessons learnt from Phonegap Development : Solid points from 5 years of Phonegap Development. Check it out if you are into this.
  • Docker, Docker, Docker : Some reasons into why a Containerized future is closer than you think.

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