Tech Stories To Read – March 6, 2015 Edition

Here are the Tech Stories that I found interesting to read. It covers an introduction to React JavaScript framework, the rise and rise of Machine Learning, an alternative to D3.js, performance boosting your EC2 Linux instance  and more.

  • React JavaScript Framework : React has been appearing more in my streams of late. Here is an introduction to the framework.
  • Machine Learning : ML is definitely being touted as the next frontier that we are going towards. With machines becoming more and more powerful every few years, I believe the drive towards automation, learning and replacing humans will accelerate even faster. At the same time, check out this post titled “Machine Learning Done Wrong
  • PykCharts.js: Think D3.js is too complicated for the basic charts. Try this library instead that takes the complexity away and gives you 25+ Charts and 100+ maps.
  • iOS Developer Sites : If you are into iOS Development, here are some great sites to bookmark.
  • Performance Tuning EC2 Linux Instances : A solid deck on boosting your EC2 Linux instances.
  • A Microscope on Microservices : If you agree that performance tools need to get a fresh makeover given our current architectures, you are right. Check out this article on how Netflix has built out a suite of open source tools to address it.

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