Tech Stories to Read – March 3, 2015 Edition

Here are the Tech Stories that I found interesting to read. It covers how to drive technical change in your organization, performance optimization tips in Java, Hitchhikers Guide to Android Testing, Micrososervices at Netflix and more.

  • Driving Technical Change : A great presentation on how to drive technical change at your organization. It is often not an easy job to put this in effect at organizations. The presentation gives good advice that you could try.
  • Go over Ruby on Rails : A practical article that puts down several reasons why Timehop chose to go with Go instead of Ruby over Rails. Disclaimer: I am very bullish with Go.
  • GCP Status Dashboard : If you are using Google Cloud Platform, there is a Dashboard now that reports on incidents, down time and more. There is an Atom Feed too, if you want to automate alerts.
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to Android Testing : Bookmark this series from Technotalkative. The Lazy Developers series has been a super hit across Android developers in the world and I expect the same from this series.
  • 10 Easy Performance Optimizations in Java : If you are working with the Java language, some of these you already know. But not a bad idea to go over these 10 and see which ones you could put to use today.
  • Karojisatsu : This may not be technical but it touched a chord somewhere. I want each one of my readers to be aware of this and not get burned out.
  • Adopting Microservices at Netflix : Netflix to be represents one of the top Engineering firms. The first part of a series on Microservices talks about architectural decisions. Bookmark this.

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