Tech Stories To Read – February 27, 2015 Edition

Here are the Tech Stories that I found interesting to read. It covers notes on managing remote teams, Google Big Query data sets, static code analyzers for JavaScript code and more.

  • Managing Remote Teams: A great set of points on managing a remote team and what works and what does not. While it does present one team’s experience, the points mentioned are important and should apply generally to most remote team dynamics.
  • Google Big Query public datasets : Google BigQuery public datasets are a great way to understand the power that this tool has to process millions of records within seconds. Try out some of these data sets today.
  • Java Developers and Docker : The article looks at several misconceptions that Java Devs might have about Docker. Take a look at what it offers today.
  • Static Code Analyzer and JavaScript : Put some of the static code analyzers to work today with your JavaScript code.
  • Programming using Scratch: Scratch gets a further push via Google with the CS First program that is going to run across hundreds of schools.
  • Is gRPC the future of Services at Google?: Google makes a big push via gRPC, which is an open source implementation of the HTTP/2 standard. Given that IoT is going to swamp us and with billions of mobile devices, it makes sense to squeeze as much as possible from the protocol. gRPC could be just what the doctor ordered.
  • Github Use Cases : If you think Github is just for code repositories, then you are way off the mark. It is being used to collaborate on books, music and much more. I think it makes perfect sense.

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