Tech Stories To Read – February 23, 2015 Edition

Here are the Tech Stories that I found interesting to read . It includes a quick guide for learning Markdown, understanding Microservices, what the new version of HTTP aka 2 brings to the table and more. 

  • Beta Channel for Android WebView: Interesting to see that the Web View in Android will have its own Beta Channel and that updates will be pushed to it separately.
  • 5 minutes to Markdown Mastery : Just about enough that you need to know about Markdown to be effective. This is the 95-5 principle in my opinion and not 80-20 one!
  • HTTP/2 : Yes. HTTP/2 is real and out. Mark Nottingham explains what to expect from it. Being part of the Web community, this is serious stuff for all of us.
  • Learn “R” : The Programming Language “R” had its origins in 1991 and there are 2 camps now: one that knows “R” and the other than wants to know “R”. If you are in the latter, check out this article.
  • Don’t write your API this way : A first hand experience from a developer. I am not surprised with the findings.
  • 8 fallacies of Distributed Computing : A must read / see for developers especially in the highly distributed world that we live in.
  • Machine Learning goes mainstream : Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Service is the first service that has the potential to bring a lot of developers to use its service. Packaging is the key here. Definitely worth a look, don’t let your prior image of Microsoft come in the way.
  • Monolithic Servers v/s Microservices : Microservices are all the rage. Let’s be pragmatic and understand what they really are rather than trying to fit everything there. This article will help.

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