Tech Stories to Read – February 2 , 2015 Edition

Here are the Tech Stories that I found interesting to read this week. It includes resources for learning Go language, a tutorial on Jenkins, basics of Kubernetes and more.

  • Learning Go : Go is fast becoming the language of cloud infrastructure. Here are a couple of resources that I found useful : Go by Example and The Little Go Book.
  • Jenkins Tutorial : Vogella has a great introductory blog post on setting up Jenkins.
  • Parsing Raw Data : Preparing data for analysis is a critical step in your Data Analysis project. This includes cleaning up data, formatting it in a way you want, transformations and other things. Check out this article for some areas to pay attention in this important phase.
  • Java Poet : Fancy generating Java code from Java code ? Try out the aptly named Java Poet !
  • Kubernetes : Everything that you wanted to know about Kubernetes but were afraid to ask.
  • Raspberry Pi 2 : The latest version of Pi packs more hardware capability that could have been imagined. Fantastic news !

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