Tech Stories To Read – January 28, 2015 Edition

Here are the Tech Stories that I found interesting to read this week. It includes a detailed experience of moving to Docker, useful Python libraries, solid Git workflows and more.

  • Planning for failure: One sentence from this article says it all “Networks are not reliable, latency is not zero, and bandwidth is not infinite.”. While designing and implementing multiple Enterprise and critical mobile applications over the years, this was the first thing that I used to bake into the application.
  • 11 Python Libraries : If you are into Python, here are some useful libraries.
  • Git workflows : A good summary of Git workflows.
  • Docker in the trenches : 3 part series on how they adopted Docker. Essential reading for those that are still sitting on the fence.
  • Understanding Cloud Pricing : A detailed article on how pricing works. Examples are specific to AWS (Amazon Web Services) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform).
  • Big Data Now : O’Reilly eBook on the Big Data Ecosystem. Download it now.
  • Node.js or Go : Great set of points made in this article. No Fluff, only stuff in here.

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