Tech Stories To Read – January 19 , 2015 Edition

Here are the Tech Stories that I found interesting to read this week. It includes an article on what to monitor once you go live, a first hand account given by an iOS Developer of a hit game and popular Language rankings.

Check them out:

  • Language Rankings : I don’t generally give this too much importance but occasionally it is good to see which languages are popular. To me, the most effective entry in this list is that of Go.
  • Node.js Fork : This news is not encouraging in my book. I support forks and innovation by all means and I really hope that at some point, both the official Node.js and io.js forks are able to merge it and offer all the next set of features in a unified build.
  • What to Monitor? : Sure you have your web application out there. To keep up its healthy state, what should you be monitoring? This is a good fundamental question and the answers here are pragmatic. You should look out for these in your Cloud platform of choice.
  • Beginning Programming ? Read this : A thoughtful and well crafted reply to a question that is one every budding programmers mind. Solid advice in here. If you are beginning your programming journey, keep these points as your companion luggage.
  • iOS Hit Game – Production costs and Revenue generated : Check out the details for Monument Valley, one of the hit games on iOS.
  • Mobile Platforms and Technical Debt : A thought provoking article. The market leading platforms of today may taper off into the sunset in some years. This is the essence of any technology in my opinion and I agree with this article.

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