December Tech Talks : GDayX Mumbai & DevFest Ahmedabad

December has been a busy month for talks. Among the various talks that I did, a few of them stood out for the audience, topic and size of the event. The talks were on Android Wear, Google Cloud Platform and understanding Gradle in Android Studio. Also enclosed are the presentations for each of those talks.

GDayX Mumbai , December 13 2014

This was the first GBG Mumbai (Google Business Group) meeting that I was attending and GDayX Mumbai 2014  was a superb event. More than 15+ talks across the day where one entrepreneur after another gave us practical advise on how they are going about doing business. I learnt a lot from this event.

I did my little part by speaking on “Wearable Computing”. The talk was titled “Getting Business Ready for Wearables”. The talk gave an overview on the current state of the wearable market, the areas in which wearable computing is making a splash, the business factors to consider before bringing in wearables into your organization and user experience.

Google DevFest Ahmedabad, December 14 2014

GDG Ahmedabad always rocks! And I was glad to be a part of DevFest Ahmedabad this year. The event was attended by more than 250-300 developers and held sessions across 2 tracks : Mobile and Web. I gave 2 talks at the event:

  • Powering your Apps via Google Cloud Platform : This talk gave an overview of Google Cloud Platform and then zoomed into developing REST APIs using Google Cloud Endpoints with a final demo showing how we used Arduino, Python and Google Cloud Platform to not just record temperature but also push it into the Google Cloud and use Google Big Query eventually for Analytics.
  • Gradle –> Your friend in Android Studio : This talk addressed 2 important tools that I believe all Android developers will eventually have to learn : Gradle and Android Studio. My goal in the talk was to explain the concepts of Gradle (almost following the 80:20 rule) and how it all fits within Android Studio (multi-module projects, product variants and more).

I wish to thank the chapters (Google Business Group Mumbai and Google Developers Group Ahmedabad) for giving me the opportunity to speak and meet up with fellow professionals.

Please reach out if you have any questions and would like to get more details.


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