Android Studio Tips

The Android world is split in their choice between Eclipse and Android Studio as the preferred IDE. The momentum is definitely with Android Studio and in most of my talks this year, I have tried to push that message across to the developers that they need to start getting familiar with Android Studio. Yes, there would be bugs in Android Studio but get into the game while it is early. 

Having said that, productivity definitely takes a hit if you have been in Eclipse land and coming over to Android Studio. This is because you are familiar with short-cuts (strange key combinations) that help you not just navigate your way, open files/classes, refactor code , be super productive with the editor and much more.

There is a great set of Android Studio tips that have been prepared meticulously with description and video by Philippe Breault. They have been even collected into a Github Repository for your reference. This is a fantastic collection of tips and one you should pick up one by one to get familiar and see the power of Android Studio.

Here are the 2 resources for your reference:



3 thoughts on “Android Studio Tips

  1. IMO, Eclipse or Android Studio, end of the day its just a tool to accomplish common job. Developer should be ok as far as not one tool is forced upon him. As a developer we often make mistake to wire our brain to one single tool (ex. eclipse).
    Future of programming is polygot programming and that can be achieved only if you make your self flexible enough to do tech juggling

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