Tech-4-Kids @ Xoriant

I was delighted to conduct another Introduction to Computer Programming for 20 kids today. Our goal was to introduce the kids to programming in a fun way and what better way, than to introduce them to Scratch.


There are 3 topics that I typically cover in any introduction to programming, especially when the kids have never been introduced to programming and are in the specific age group of 7-11 years. We start off with what can computers do, what is a language and then we dissect a game (Angry Birds … no points for guessing that!). We proceed then with basic animation and cap it off with story boarding. That is sufficient enough to kick off the creative juices in the kids and they simply take off from there. After that, there is a good chance that they are not even listening to you. And that means, you did a good job !

The session went off well. It was great to see the twinkle in the eyes of the kids, when they got the basic programs working in Scratch.

0724OSSpecial thanks to PacktPub for allowing me to distribute 3 copies of their excellent book, Scratch 2.0 : A Beginners Guide. I am sure the winners will love to take their Scratch adventure to greater heights with this book.

In case you live in India and want your kids (Class 5 – 10) to have  dose of healthy competition while till having fun, check out the Google India Code To Learn contest. Google India invites school students from classes 5 to 10 from all over India to explore Scratch and develop projects on it. Students in classes 9 and 10 can develop their projects in Scratch but are also welcome to choose Java or C++. Check out the site for more details including registration/submission.




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