Book Review : Scala for Java Developers

This is a book review for Packt Publishing‘s Scala for Java Developers


I have been putting off my journey into Scala for a long time now. Being a long time Java Developer, I wanted something to ease my introduction to Scala from a Java perspective. The strengths of Scala are well documented over the years and I finally took the plunge to learn more about this JVM language.

The book from PacktPub has eased my introduction to the language to a great extent. It starts off with the Scala REPL that allows you to test out the basic Scala syntax and judge for yourself the feel of the syntax and quickly it dawns how your code could be smaller and more expressive, compared to Java. It then goes into common architectures and tools that you would expect coming from a Java world. It takes off on Web Services and how you can utilize Scala for testing the services.

No discussion on Scala is complete without going into the highly regarded Play Framework and Akka. The book tackles both of these topics in depth and with just about enough examples for you to get going in both these frameworks. Akka is also available for Java so if you are familiar with Akka, its reactive principles – the move to Scala Akka should be straight forward. There are dedicated chapters in the book on both principles/concepts and building reactive web applications.

The book ends with a chapter titled “Scala Goodies” , which covers MongoDB integration and DSLs in Java.

Overall, this is a good book to get introduced to Scala if you are an experienced Java developer. The balance of theory and sample code is good and it would form the basis for your next project in Scala.



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