Google Cloud Platform Roadshow India – Talks & Experience

March 25, 2014 is a day to remember. A day where Google broke through the ranks with a series of announcements that clearly demonstrated that there was no need to play catch up in the Cloud Platform wars. Instead, how about leapfrogging the competition on multiple fronts?  It did exactly that. Check out the Cloud Platform Live Event.

Google India announced the Cloud Platform Roadshow across 5 Indian metros through April – May 2014. The series kicked off in Hyderabad on April 12 and since then has moved across to Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai and is set for Delhi this week.

The day-long event had talks on:

  • Recent Cloud Platform announcements from the March 25 event
  • Pricing Details on the Platform
  • Compute Engine : Overview and Live Demo
  • App Engine : Cloud Endpoints – writing APIs at Google Scale
  • Bridging the gap between PaaS and IaaS : Flexibility + Manageability
  • BigQuery : Query TBs of data in seconds ! Yes you can !
  • Case Studies of actual customer implementations
  • Partner product demos

While I did present at these events, my personal favorites were the Compute Engine and BigQuery sessions, where I learnt a lot. I could not help but hear the wow’s of the audience when they saw what BigQuery can do. Janakiram clearly rocked the audience with his Compute Engine sessions. Googler’s Rohit and Anudeep are all set to make their future talks “must attend” with their ‘jugalbandi’ (fusion or beautiful mix) in presenting technical topics.

If its been a while you have taken a look at the Google Cloud Platform, you owe it to yourself to learn about the various services that are now under a single Cloud Platform umbrella and present a more unified and complete solution.

I was delighted to present the App Engine session during these roadshows and I focused on Google Cloud Endpoints, which provides a service to create RESTful APIs powered by the App Engine platform. If you are looking to scale up your APIs and power it with Google’s infrastructure, Endpoints is the way to go. You can check out my slides.


The number of queries and feedback from the participants was excellent. Some of the questions are solid enough for me to go back and think more on how it can be addressed. It was very encouraging to learn from some of them that they were excited enough to try things out soon and learn more about the platform.

As of writing, the roadshow makes its last stop at Delhi on May 31. If you live in and around Delhi and want to learn about the Google Cloud Platform, come and spend May 31st to get vowed with multiple product demonstrations. Click that Registration link.


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