Speaking Engagements in March 2014

March has been a great month for interacting with various Google Developer Groups across the country. I was privileged to speak at 3 key events organized by GDG Groups in Cochin, Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

Last month (Feb), I spoke at the Dart Flight School event in Mumbai. And this month, we went a step further with both an “Introduction to Dart” and “Dart Code Lab” that was held in GDG Cochin. For more info, refer to my blog post.

Dart Flight School   Learn Dart

The next event was in GDG Ahmedabad and this time it was one of the many Women TechMakers events that have been held across the world. I spoke on “Overview of the Google Cloud Platform”. The organizers were gracious to give me a big timeslot that enabled me to cover parts of Google Compute Engine, App Engine and Google APIs. The purpose of my talk was to demonstrate that if you have an idea today and are passionate to convert the idea -> application, the cloud can be a great enabler, especially with the great set of infrastructure and tools that Google Compute Platform provides. For more info, refer to my blog post.

Google Developers

The last event for the month was held in Mumbai and once again it was the Women TechMakers edition that was organized by GDG Mumbai. I gave an overview of the Google Cloud Platform here too.

Home — Google Cloud Platform

Overall, a big thank you to Google India Developer Relations Team (Uttam & Shrey) for giving me the opportunities, respective GDG Organizers for inviting me to speak at their events and the enthusiastic community with which I can interact, share my experience and learn from.


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