Women TechMakers Event – GDG Ahmedabad

I was privileged to be invited to speak at Women Technmakers Event, organized by GDG Ahmedabad on March 22, 2014.

Women TechMakers is an initiative by Google to ensure that there is visibility, community and resources available for women in technology. I believe that women have played a significant role in technology and it is important that in our industry, the percentage of women increases. It is going to benefit everyone.

The event in GDG Ahmedabad was a mix of technology and business. The event also highlighted women entrepreneurs who have excelled in the technology industry. Given that some of them were not technical to start with, but still persisted with their idea and passion to see that happen, is ample proof of what can be achieved. I personally believe that there is no difference between men and women. And to a certain extent I think holding events like these are important and I will be very glad if there will be no need to hold events like this in the future. It is up to each one of us to make that a reality.

The GDG Ahmedabad Event was held at Pride Hotel in Ahmedabad. I love the GDG Ahmedabad Team with Paresh Mayani, GDG Ahmedabad Head, a pleasure to work with. This was my 2nd visit to GDG Ahmedabad, having conducted a workshop last year on Google App Engine.

The event was kicked off by Rama Moondra, who gave an inspiring talk on “Women and Equal Opportunities”.

My talk at the event was about 90 minutes and I highlighted how the Cloud can help everyone spiral their ideas from inception to both economical and scalable implementation, which is also cost effective. My examples were that of Google Cloud Platform and Google App Engine, both of which I demonstrated. I was happy to demo spinning a VM on Google Compute Engine, install Apache, modify a page and show them a live site in under 5 minutes (network latency included! :-))


We saw informative sessions following mine with real and successful models that Women Entrepreneurs like Ilaxi Patel, Ruzan Khambatta and Sneha Thakker have implemented. The talks were a mix of business and technology and the afternoon session saw talks on Project Management, Apponamics and more.

Check out the photos from the event 

Overall, it is a satisfying trip to Ahmedabad to interact once again with the GDG audience. I personally believe this chapter of GDG has some of the highest energy levels with a real zeal to learn and make the best of networking opportunity. I hope to be back again.




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