Dart Flight School – GDG Cochin

I had the privilege of conducting Dart Flight School in Cochin on March 9, 2014. It was also the first anniversary of GDG Cochin and it is wonderful to learn about the activities that they had conducted over the last year and be part of their 1st anniversary celebration.


We started off with Dart Language Basics and then the entire Dart Ecosystem with its tools. We took a look at several Dart language example code and then broke for lunch. Post lunch, we took off with the Dart Code Lab (Pirates Ahoy!). There were several goodies to be won for not just completing the Dart Code Lab but also for trying out something different, modifying the Dart Code Lab example and more. We saw a few attempts that took the Dart Code Lab code further.

Take a look at happy Dartisans at the end of the event:

1558408_279422732215889_613478823_n (1)

A big thank you to all members of GDG Cochin with special thanks to Sanjay Nediyara  and Rahul Ramesh (GDG Cochin – Organizers) for superb management of the event.


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