Speaking Engagements – Feb 2014

February was a good month for interacting with developers across Mumbai. I was privileged to speak on a variety of topics across 3 sessions in February to over 250+ Developers in total.

The sessions were:

This was a marquee event held in Mumbai as part of the February campaign by Google to promote the Dart Language. I have enjoyed learning this language that makes the life of a Web Developer easier and love the language for its syntax. I was privileged to take the opening session on “Introduction to Dart” at the GDG Mumbai Flight School Event. There were between 160-200 people for the event and hope that some of them go back with an interest to learn more about Dart.

My Opening Session on Dart Language

The highlight for all of us at the event was an appearance by Kasper Lund, co-creator of Dart, who shared his insights on the language and took on Q&A from the event attendees.

Kasper Lund during his hangout
  • Rubix 2014 – Android & HTML 5 Workshops

I conducted a couple of developer workshops during Rubix 2014. Both the workshops were about 3 hours duration and introduced folks to Android Development and HTML5 APIs respectively.

Working with Developers is always a joy and especially when you introduce them to new stuff and see them taking those first steps to what these technologies / frameworks / languages help bring to the table.

I have an upcoming trip to GDG Cochin on March 9, 2014 to speak in their Dart Flight School Event. I look forward to that.


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