Book Review : David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

I like Malcom Gladwell’s books but the last couple of books had disappointed me. I must be frank that I did want to purchase his latest book and when I saw a great deal at Amazon India for the Kindle version, I went ahead and got it. The first chapter proved that my fears were totally unnecessary and this turned out to be excellent book.

The theme of the book is the story of “David and Goliath” that we have all learnt as children and then as adults, we have been reminded time and again through our everyday lives that we should never underestimate the underdog. The underdog is usually associated with someone who has much less resources, capabilities or in short whatever it takes to turn the tables on the giant or the large problem that one could be put up against.


The first chapter in fact turned the entire story that I knew about David and Goliath upside down. Now after reading a different point of view on why David was victorious, it makes me think that David was at an unfair advantage. But then , this is what the book intends to do and it does it well via a series of real life events that show how it is possible for an almost hopeless situation against all odds, to be turned into strength via various means and then ultimately into victory or an advantage.

Malcolm gives you several examples in each chapter of how you can use a disadvantage into a strength. Each of these examples are real life events (and that I believe is the strength of the book.) and actually, to be honest, I did learn a lot about historical events and personalities in this book.

The chapters in the book range from how a basketball team turned its lack of skills into a force to reckon with, the Civil Rights movement in the US, the Northern Ireland crisis, what it means to be a Dyslexic and much more.

I throughly enjoyed the book and learnt a lot from it. It definitely will still take a lot of retraining for our mind to look at things the way Malcolm has put it, but we can and should attempt to do it.


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