Book Review : HTML5 Data & Services Cookbook by Packt Pub

This is a review of Packt Publishing’s book “HTML5 Data and Services Cookbook“.


On first glance, the book looked like a list of code recipes on various HTML5 APIs. Code Recipe books have become quite popular over the years. While they do not delve too much into the why, they are useful to have useful snippets of working code that you can employ immediately and see the feature work.

The book took a slightly different approach in the sense that while it did stick to the recipe format, it has categorised them in sections like:

  • Display the Data (Simple Text display, formatted displays and Graphs)
  • Accepting the Data (Input) from the user along with Validation
  • Template Frameworks along with Modern Data Binding frameworks like Angular
  • Communication i.e. Client to Server
  • Data Storage and Multimedia

Specific HTML5 features and APIs that are discussed in the book were:

  • Storage APIs : Local Storage and IndexedDB
  • New HTML5 Input Elements and Form Handling
  • New Media Elements (Audio, Video, Speech)

The book I guess tried to take a much wider scope than what others too because it covers recipes not just around HTML5 but also templating (where frameworks like Handlebards, Jade, etc) are covered. I was quite surprised that it even covered Angular JS Framework in brief.

The Server side communication examples are explained using Node.js as the server of choice, so if one is not familiar with that, it is a good way to see Node.js in action.

In summary, it is a good set of recipes that you can have at your disposal while working on modern day web applications.


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