My Take on Software Is Reorganizing the World

I read a great article by Balaji Srinivasan titled “Software is Reorganizing the World“. You should read it since it presents very interesting possibilities on how future generations of people are likely to assemble in physical countries and goes into details on why that is happening.

I found his thesis thought-provoking and the example that he used of Silicon Valley does seem like a good one to demonstrate how it is all coming together. One of the fundamental requirements for this to happen is the fact that people with like minds are meeting online, then possibly offline and then coming together to probably form a city or region of their own.

That part of the statement seems a bit problematic to me. If all we are going to have are like-minded people coming together then that is definitely a place that I do not want to be in. I believe it will result in a more boring society and one that will continue to ignore the signs of dissonance or examples that point to the contrary. Any small evidence of a crack in the structure might get classified as a one-time occurrence or exception and the movement will continue to chug along.

I do agree with the author with his scenario of the future and these communities. I am not too sold on the long term survival of them. I am not an expert but I would rather live in societies where each of us have a mind of our own and different too. That would be more enriching.


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