A Call to Humanity : Say “No” to USB Cables and Device Chargers

When you get yourself a new mobile device (tablet, smartphone,others) – it is generally expected that apart from the device, the box also contains a USB Data Transfer cable and a Power Adapter to charge your device.

Seriously, I must be having at least about 10 of these cables and adapters. And the best or worst part is that they are interchangeable across the devices that I have. If I extrapolate the problem across to the rest of this world, the problem is huge. How many USB cables and power adapters is each household on this planet going to end up with ?

I am quite worried that for most of us, these cables are just lying in some drawer / shelf and we seldom even use it once, since we can use the old ones, etc. Hell, I don’t even know what would be the best way to dispose off these extra accessories or to donate them to whoever might need them.

I would like to see a future, where we are charged for these accessories when we buy a device. That is needed in my opinion. The Device Manufacturers need to take a lead in this and reduce their footprint too when it comes to producing these additional things. There is a good chance that there are enough like minded people who are perfectly fine with using their old cables/adapters if the specification is the same.

I love the approach being taken by micro computer / controller manufacturers, especially the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. You get the board and nothing else. You want these other things, go ahead and purchase them separately. That will automatically make use of what you have. I think that’s the way to go about and would be a more responsible way of moving forward, as the number of personal devices that each person buys in their lifetimes is only going to increase.

Since we have only just begun in this hardware revolution, why not address this problem early enough !


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