10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – September 24 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories for the week:

  • Grand Theft Auto : The latest version of the game rakes in $1B in sales. Games continue to be the market that is most lucrative – which console or device (mobile, desktop) you look at.
  • How Paypal & Reddit faked their way to traction: I am not really surprised here and you shouldn’t be either.
  • Microsoft should just give it away: Sam Ramji makes a very valid point. In fact the strategy is working well for Microsoft in many other areas of Open Source, so why shouldn’t it here?
  • Calico : Google launches a firm to address human health and possibly make us live longer quality lives. I am all for it. Anything that lets us be in better health as we age is something that I strongly support.
  • CyanogenMod gets funding: This could possibly lead to a fork that is not exactly fun for developers. The fragmentation is serious enough already and this could compound it further.
  • Firefox OS Book: A nifty guide to get you started with Firefox OS.
  • Top Linux Contributors: A list of top 15 organisations contributing to Linux. I heard not heard of a few of them till now.
  • Box Takes a shot: Box wants to carve out a space for itself when it comes to creating Documents. It wants to eat the pie of Microsoft and Google. Why not.
  • Appirio buys TopCoder: This merged entity now represents the largest qualified pool of designers and programmers put together. They have a good shot at disrupting the IT Services model by a few percentage points.
  • Frameworkless JavaScript: I like articles like these where the team does a pragmatic evaluation of frameworks and takes a decision that none of them fit their bill.

Have a great week !

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