10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – September 17 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories for the week:

  • Google Coder for Raspberry Pi : The Raspberry Pi is a great device and greater still for introducing kids to building their own computer and learning to program. Google Coder helps turn your Pi into a Web Dev. Environment and a Web Server that hosts the code.
  • Favicon Reloaded : The humble favicon in your web page can do amazing things – I seriously never imagined this.
  • Twitter buys MoPub : I am sure that in some years, we will not be able to fathom what business’ Twitter might manage.
  • Google Cloud Developer Challenge: If you are familiar with the Google Cloud Platform, you should participate in this great challenge with a serious bunch of prizes on offer and potential marketing of your application.
  • PhoneGap 3.0 : A great set of points on what you should know about Phonegap 3.0, the cross platform mobile dev. framework.
  • A couple of HTML5 APIs: A set of nice introductory articles on HTML5 Geolocation and HTML5 IndexedDB. Even if you know about them, good to get them revised once in a while.
  • How To Blog About Code: A great set of points on how to go about blogging about code. Some serious advice in there.
  • Firefox OS Tools & Web APIs: Frederic Harper gives us some excellent presentations of Firefox OS. Very useful if you are trying to talk about Firefox OS to a group.
  • Spring & Redis : A good introductory articles on understanding what Redis is about and how to use the Spring Data API that abstracts it.
  • MySQL to MariaDB: Google says it is moving stuff from MySQL to MariaDB. Surprise, Surprise that the creator of both MySQL and MariaDB is the same person.

Have a great week !

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