10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – September 10 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories for the week:

  • Top Github Languages 2013 : A good observation into the popular languages used for Github Projects. Key message to take away for me here is that developers will use what they feel is right for the job or the languages that they are comfortable with.
  • Google App Engine 1.8.4 : App Engine is out with one more release this year. The key focus for all the releases this year has been productivity and manageability.
  • We must set this right : A letter that shows how deep rooted is the male mentality that programming is only for boys. This is not acceptable in any which way you see it.
  • APIs driving cloud apps development: A discussion on how APIs are the fuel behind the growth of Cloud Applications. Write once, Integrate everywhere — as far as I am concerned.
  • Young Developers Guide to Debugging JavaScript : A good set of tips to get started with JS debugging. You will need it anyways.
  • Hadoop on Google Compute Engine : Yes, it works and its works fast. Check it out.
  • Paypal Beacon : A hardware payment processor from Paypal. Considering how they squeeze everyone on commissions and foreign exchange rates, not sure if this can go beyond the first world.
  • Require JS : Helpful tips on using this important framework.
  • A conversation with Dropbox CEO : When the Dropbox CEO talks, everyone listens. All waiting for the IPO?
  • Tablets replace Teachers : Is this possible? I dont think so , when you don’t put a context to it.

Have a great week !

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