Book Review : 101 Design Ingredients To Solve Big Tech Problems

When I first the title of this book, I was not sure of what to expect. The words Design Ingredients and Big Tech Problems sounded intriguing and I was probably thinking of how the author might have managed to combine the two topics together.


I was pleasantly proved wrong and 101 Design Ingredients To Solve Big Tech Problems is a combination of business / leadership / technology wisdom all put together in an easy to digest recipe format, that you can pick up anywhere and focus on a particular ingredient or two. The book is about avoiding mistakes in technology projects and ensuring your projects and teams are successful. And this is all explained in a no-nonsense manner without buzzwords.

The book is valuable in every aspect and is best suited to experienced professionals who have seen it all over the years. The author Eewei Chen has encapsulated this in a great way. Each ingredient starts with a title, the problem and the solution. The illustrations add a good balance to the topic. Sample ingredients include :

  • “They Can’t Be Good At Everything”
  • “Connect The Dots”
  • “Train Them Right”

This book is well suited to a team leader who would like to share weekly or bi-weekly updates with his/her team. He can take an ingredient and share it with his/her team. Any of the ingredients could be a great discussion topic for the team also.

I think it is a perfect book for professionals who are maturing into a leadership role. And frankly, even if you are an independent consultant, they apply well.


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