10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – September 3 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories for the week:

  • IIFE : A commonly used idiom in JavaScript language (Immediately Invoked Function Expression). A simple and clear explanation is provided in this article.
  • Google to manufacture cars? An article that takes a look into Google and Uber. It predicts that Google could get their car assembly business as early as 2018. Interesting … I would not dismiss it completely.
  • Mobile HTML5 Support : A great summary table that indicates the support for HTML5 features in modern mobile browsers across several Operating Systems. A must have if you are into writing mobile web applications.
  • Learn Angular JS: A great way to learn one of the hottest JavaScript frameworks out there. The article shows 5 working examples and how they are built using Angular.
  • Samsung Gear readies for launch: If this is the watch that Samsung is talking about, then I am disappointed. The big letdown for me -> “The watch needs to be recharged every 10 hours”. I thought it was a watch and it is being marketed as yet another fitness device. I am not even talking about how ugly it looks.
  • Android Fragmentation: The problem of getting your Android application to work the way you want on all devices is getting bigger by the day.
  • Why Internet companies don’t buy from the Enterprise Kings: A good observation that shows the essential difference between the two class of companies and while the developer is the king in the former one, the sales / IT folks are king in the other one.
  • Amazon Associates API: To monetize your mobile apps, you had 3 choices till now: Ads, InApp Purchasing and Paid Apps. Amazon introduces the 4th one and via an API. It also gives you 6% of sale amount as commision.
  • Xiaomi comes out punching: Xiaomi is all set to disrupt the smartphone market. Its mantra “Its the low-end Smartphone users.. stupid”
  • API Versioning: Adam DuVander discusses API versioning. This is a problem that you will have address sooner or later if you are building a public API. Ideal to get it baked in, right from version 1.0.

Have a great week !

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