10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – August 13 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories for the week:

  • Adding Swipe gestures to jQuery Mobile : Even if you are building a mobile web app, support for swipe gestures is essential.
  • Google Real-time Reporting API: Google invites developers to try this one.
  • Securing your API 101 : A high level overview of different options you have to secure your API.
  • JavaScript Basics To Keep In Mind: Yes, you know JavaScript but are your basics sound?
  • Why does Angular JS rock? : Angular JS is one of the hottest JavaScript frameworks out there and here are some reasons why.
  • JavaScript Signature Pad : Do you want to incorporate a signature in your mobile web application via JavaScript ? If Yes, here is a great little library.
  • Learning HTML5 with a game: Check out this interesting little experiment on learning HTML5 by playing a game. This is intended for non-technical folks but keep an eye out on the tutorials that these folks plan to write on how they wrote the game.
  • Amazon expands Store to accept HTML5 Apps: This is definitely a game changer for mobile web applications that can now be distributed via the Amazon Android Appstore. It also includes avenues to sell digital content via your mobile web applications. Google and Apple, the message for you is that there is nothing wrong in emulating this move from Amazon.
  • Why Mobile Web Apps Are Slow?: A detailed article that goes into various areas which affect performance of mobile web apps.
  • Recover your lost Android device: Losing your phone may not bother you that much. But worrying about your data getting misused is more of concern. If you have an Android phone running OS 2.2 and above, you can now use the tool from Google that helps you locate, ring it and even wipe out the contents.

Have a great week !

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