10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – August 6, 2013

Here are the 10 Tech Stories for the week:

  • Review of Google Chromecast: I believe Chromecast is a welcome addition to the list of gadgets and one that should make our lives free from the Video Adapters. Think of business presentations.
  • Dont Waste Developers Time With Your API: A timely article that reminds us that if we have an API program to offer, we have a small window of opportunity with the Developers and we will have to get it right.
  • The Hardware Revolution: The revolution is truly upon us. Ofcourse at the heart of it, it will be the software that they enable that will make the winners stand out, but still we are more excited of late with different kids of gadgets (hardware) rather than the software.
  • Nexus 7 Reloaded : The Nexus 7 has undergone a transformation that makes it lead the pack by a long distance in terms of performance. My gut feel says watch out for the upcoming punch from Amazon, when they revamp their Kindle Fire offering. The consumer is winning this game of course while getting their pockets lighter at a faster pace.
  • WebRTC and the Ocean of Acronyms: WebRTC is expected to be a critical standard that will push the web applications to new limits. Check out how to navigate the lingo via this Mozilla note and impress your nerdy friends at the next hangout.
  • Android Browser is dying: A sad victim of all the updates that Android OS and new Nexus Devices is the Android browser that has not been updated in years. Given that a significant amount of web traffic originates from Android devices, this lack of attention from Google is surprising.
  • PhoneGap New Release 3.0 : PhoneGap, the cross-platform mobile App development tool has seen a new release. Check out lead Brian Leroux’s interview.
  • What is Mobile Backend As a Service: An high-level overview of mBaaS.
  • Teaching with CodeCosmos: A great writeup on the efforts taken to teach programming to students.
  • Dark Patterns: A Dark Pattern is defined as a User Interface that has been cleverly designed to trick people into say “buying extra stuff”. Interesting!

Have a great week !

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