10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – July 23 , 2013 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories for the week:

  • Rise of the Citizen Developer: A report on the kind of skills that recruiters are typically looking for in the IT space.
  • Firefox OS : Firefox plans to reinvent the Mobile OS and the App Store. But will it succeed ? I want it to.
  • Dropbox as a default storage: Using storage in your apps is likely to see a fundamental change. Currently online storage is targeted at consumers but increasing number of apps are using it as a first class citizen when it comes to persistence.
  • Writing a Google Chrome Extension: A good tutorial on how to write one.
  • Caching Strategies: Caching is often touted as the first thing to look for when trying to scale and improve performance.
  • Do Things That Don’t Scale: A great essay that is full of pragmatic advice.
  • Learn Ember JS: Ember is one of the trio leading JavaScript frameworks. Angular and Backbone complete the list. Try out this series for learning Ember. Just like learning a programming language or two does not hurt, if you are into JavaScript, look at 2-3 different frameworks and derive ideas.
  • We are Down : Apple Developer Portal is now shut for 4-5 days. Something must be seriously wrong but I am sure Apple has enough resources to get this right. Just goes to show that no one is secure and hopefully they will share the learning with all.
  • Require JS: One of the better threads that I found which explains why we need tools like Require JS.
  • Yo, We Need Yeoman : Yeoman aims to take web developer productivity to the next level. Give it a serious thought when starting off with a JavaScript project.

Have a great week !

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2 thoughts on “10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – July 23 , 2013 Edition

  1. summary: Mobile web development is hot and Javascript leading the pack!
    Question: Is it better to have a separate(native) app for each platform or mobile web has matured enough to carry everything in one app?

    1. Chinmay – this question is difficult to say “Yes” or “No”. I believe for most enterprise kind of apps, dashboards, reporting, simple data entry, etc – just go with the web – I am sure it will meet your needs. When it comes to Sensors or Device APIs, you will need to be careful. But I would say 80% scenarios, it should be fine with Web.

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