10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – July 9 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories for the week:

  • Technology Workers Are Really Young: A report that shows that the median age for technology workers is falling to new lows. If I take the report too seriously, then I should have retired by now 😉
  • 7 Apps You Dont Want to Miss : I did not know that Mashable curated such a weekly article. Given the millions of applications out there, this might be a useful initial list of popular apps to look at.
  • Eliminating Useless Meetings : We have a love-hate relationship with Meetings. Here is a process that LinkedIn follows for having effective meetings. It is great that they are able to pull it off but I am sure it will be a challenge at most organizations. Worth trying though in a small way for certain types of meetings.
  • Being A Great Technical Leader: A great set of points to being relevant as a Technical Leader.
  • Hiring Engineers: I love the points mentioned here for hiring engineers. I believe it best applies to very small shops that are doing relatively well and have the time and patience to select absolutely the ones they want to work with. For medium / large organizations, this will be a challenge to adopt.
  • Which JavaScript library to pick? : Pamela Fox has put a great set of criteria for choosing your next JavaScript library. This is a real problem at organizations and JavaScript is suffering from a problem of plenty at the moment. A criteria list like that should act as a good base on which you can add some of your own points to bring a method to the madness.
  • Remembering Doug Engelbart: The Father of the Mouse passes away and leaves behind a rich legacy in computer interactivity.
  • Product Strategy Means Saying No: If you have time to read just one article, make it this one. This is wisdom at its best.
  • Samsung’s Stock Shock: First it was Apple, now it is the turn of Samsung. Just when you think that Samsung is tearing away at global marketshare in phones, the stock goes down after the results are declared. The results are fantastic too ! The problem: Will it last ? What could be the risks? No one knows.
  • Higher Customer Conversation via Web : A set of guidelines that you could use to try to increase customer conversion via your web site. Useful set of tips.

Have a great week !

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