10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – July 2nd Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories for the week:

  • Adopting New Technology: Getting your team to adopting new technology is always a challenge, especially if you are in charge. It is safer to go with the known rather than some new OSS library released by a couple of engineers. If you are in that boat, check out Ben Kamen’s thoughtful post.
  • Netflix Plugs Features into AWS: Netflix is one of the top 10 users of AWS and accounts for nearly 1/3 of the US traffic during certain hours in the day / weekend. Over the past year, I have seen them release a number of tools to help monitor AWS in more ways than what AWS can do. Several OSS utilities have been released and here are some reasons why Netflix continues to do this. Makes pragmatic business sense.
  • Top 10 lies of entrepreneurs and investors: We have heard of these throughout our careers. Here is a good collection of them, which should ring an alert in the background, the next time to hear them.
  • Managing a Remote Team: Wade Foster at Zapier has written a solid and detailed article that should be your go to reference for working with a remote team. The article obviously does state upfront that there was a culture of working remotely right from the start, which might have made it easier in the first place. But the gems are in their experience of what has worked for them, the pain points and the tools that have helped them.
  • Windows 8.1 : Microsoft had a solid Build conference at which Windows 8.1 was revealed. I have always been a believer in Microsoft and hopefully this release satisfies a lot of users. And if you are a developer, the extra good news is that Microsoft Windows DevCenter prices have been slashed to just $19 for the whole year if you sign up before August 27.
  • Will TypeScript see adoption? : Microsoft released its take on Java Script. And its called Type Script. Personally, I like what I see of the syntax. Much more intuitive. What I like still : the ability to set it up for Node.js.
  • How To Compete When IT is Abundant?: Aaron Levie, Co-founder @ Box asks an extremely relevant question “How do companies differentiate in a world where access to technology is no longer a competitive advantage?” The premise for his article is that IT is available now for a fraction of the cost to any individual or small organization. So gone are the days when you could pump in money as an organization to get yourself the best IT had to offer and gain competitive advantage over the others. Read the article to understand what role IT still has to play and the fact that it is the key between employees and information. In my words, the “companies” that cannot tie their “employees” to relevant and timely “information” (not “data”) shall disappear into the horizon.
  • Lessons from Sahil Parikh: Sahil Parikh is an inspiration to me and I have been fortunate to meet him and interact with quite a few times. He is the founder of two very successful start-ups with hundreds of customers all over the world : Deskaway and Brightpod. In this article he shares with us 8 lessons that he has learnt while launching his Saas App : Brightpod.
  • iOS 7 As Defense: An interesting article that looks at the recent iOS 7 Design in a different perspective. In fact, it is not about design but a way to put in spanner in the works for a lot of companies that continued to copy Apple’s earlier design. What will they do now ? I am sure they will copy again but it does make them visit the drawing board while Apple moves forward full steam from here.
  • React : Take a look at this JavaScript library from Facebook and their take on how to create User Interfaces with it. The rate at which the web developers are innovating surely beats the native scene at the moment.

Have a great week !

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