10 Tech Stories To Read – June 18 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories for the week:

  • Graphs are everywhere: Interested in learning the concepts that go behind modelling Graph data, typically used at companies like Facebook? Read this introductory article on the fundamentals. 
  • Screensaver with Daydream: Android API Level 17 recently introduced the ability to write a Screen saver app for the phone with animations and much more. Check out this article on how to write one.
  • Interview with Christian Heilmann: Christian is a Principal Technical Evangelist at Mozilla and has been one of the more visible personalities at developer conferences and social mediums promoting web development. Check out this interview.
  • Apple WWDC 2013 Takeaways: Now that the noise around WWDC 2013 is over, sit back and read this article that takes a pragmatic look at what developers need to take away from the announcements made.
  • Microsoft and Mobile Design: This is a great article that shows how most of us looked down upon the Metro interface when Microsoft released it. For Microsoft, it is a bitter sweet pill to take. Their share of the mobile ecosystem and developer mindshare continues to shrink, while the rest of the Mobile OS Vendors have all moved to a leaner and flatter design (Apple was the last one holding out but has since given in iOS 7), which they inspired and were bold enough to continue with it. Moral of the story: Microsoft is getting a lot of things in place of late, their Azure IaaS and Open Source contributions are a significant milestone.
  • Google Mobile Cloud Starter: The Mobile as a Backend (MBaaS) movement is seeing some tremendous activity from all vendors. Google with its sheer backend computing experience a la Compute Engine and App Engine has launched a Starter Wizard. A few clicks and you have a ready to use backend hosted in App Engine with a No SQL like data structure to commit your records to it. The starter wizard generates a completely functional Android App with backend connectivity and push notifications. Having used it, I can say it is a little bit rough at its edges but the best is yet to come.
  • Anatomy of a Developer Portal: If you are looking to build a Developer Portal for your public API, Adam DuVander gives you the details on how to structure it out right at the domain, directory , file structure. Good one to go with if you are starting out and a good best practice if you are looking to adjust your current developer portal.
  • Tech Lead Responsibilities: A good article on what it means to be a great Tech Lead. The article builds upon solid technical experience at successful companies. While the list of activities to be done is long, the message is clear: Be Confident, Keep Moving and Always Improve.
  • How Many Mobile Apps Do People Download: Luke W, gives us data on the number of apps that people are downloading. The numbers might surprise you and should be a good indicator of how successful you think you next great native mobile app is going to be?
  • The End of Skeuomorphism: This article takes a different stand than most others I have read around the direction that Apple is taking with iOS. I agree with the points raised here that at the end of the day, Apple makes an OS that is easy to use and is still easy to use.

Have a great week !

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