10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – May 21 Edition

Here are the 10 stories for this week:
  • Android gets New Geo APIs: Interesting to see updates to the Android Geo APIs. Geofencing is a critical one and goes a long way to simplifying the developers life.
  • Google Compute Engine: Google throws open access to the IaaS offering with a revolutionary pricing model. Does Amazon finally have competition?
  • Yahoo acquires Tumblr: Yahoo pays $1.1 bn for Tumblr. It should be interesting to see what Yahoo makes of this acquisition. Tumblr has got a serious subscription base. Anyone remember Flickr?
  • Fastest File Sharing Site: You definitely have an account at Dropbox or SkyDrive or Google Drive or Amazon. Check out which one is the fastest As for me, I use box.net and am happy with it.
  • Maximum Exposure for your App: A nice infographic that presents various ways for you to get max. exposure for your mobile app. Infographics when done right are so much easier to understand.
  • Why Google Glass will crater: Google Glass has been seeing waves of interest ever since it was announced at Google I/O 2012. Since then, several folks have had the opportunity to play with it. A report here takes a pragmatic view of where things will go for it.
  • API as a Disruptor: An article that says that while an API is critical to your startup, getting it right is very important. In either case, it is disruptive and should be welcomed.
  • The Marissa Mayer culture: Marissa Mayer has been a highly visible CEO in recent times. You know that things are in a state of churning with some announcement, acquisition or plan. This article takes a look.
  • What is different about the Enterprise?: Enterprise applications is where the real challenges and money is, if you ask me. But it is also about putting your head down, doing all the work to get things going (integration) and not getting the mindshare that even photo sharing apps might get.
  • Developers Get Better With Age: An article says that like Scotch, Developers get better with age. While developers will need to individually put in the effort to be in touch, the greater challenge in my opinion is being allowed to do that since companies do not generally want you to keep coding.

Have a great week !

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