10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – May 14, 2013 Edition

Here are the 10 stories for this week:
  • Common Mobile Design Fails: A great presentation on common issues in mobile design and how to address them. Essential reading if you are in the business of mobile apps.
  • API Security: While it is essential to have a public API, it is more important to secure your API. Do not ignore security especially when you are open to the public.
  • Mobile Platform or Customer platform: A great reminder that it is important to have a customer platform if you want to sell apps. Just selecting a particular mobile platform and writing lots of apps is not equal to selling them.
  • iOS App Submission process: A detailed guide on submitting applications to the iOS Store.
  • Programming Gestures in Android : A basic tutorial on gesture programming in Android.
  • 5 Cloud Computing Trends for 2013: Interesting to find “Hoarding” making it to the list of top 5 trends. Do you do it also? I do.
  • Android in the days to come?: Google I/O 2013 is just round the corner and while concrete things would be announced later this week, this interview with Android boss, Sundar Pichai gives some insights into the long term plan.
  • The Internet destroys the Middle class: Some serious points being raised in this analysis.
  • Infographics better than Display Ads: A study shows that Infographics are more popular. I thought that did not need a study but still it does make sense when the infographic packs the right kind of data.
  • Tipping Point for Augmented Reality? : Is the rise and rise of Big Data finally going to cause the tipping point for Augmented Reality in the year 2013. I would say yes but not in 2013 … it should still take time to get it to a wider global audience.

Have a great week !

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