10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – May 7 Edition

Here are the 10 stories for this week:
  • Khan Academy: An article that counters Khan Academy and its effectiveness from various angles. Good read.
  • Sentiment Analysis APIs: If you are looking at mining the social web for sentiments, this list of APIs could help.
  • Amazon’s winning strategy: An article that discusses how Amazon has gone about garnering the share of the cloud services. An interesting statement there: “Amazon has lowered prices 31 times since it launched in 2006, including seven price reductions so far in 2013.” How do you compete against that?
  • Companies and Big Data: A light introduction to Big Data and what companies should be doing about it right now.
  • APIDOC: An Inline Documentation system for your RESTful APIs.
  • Parking Technology in Japan: The title says it all.
  • LinkedIn and the quest for delivering quality software: A look at what went on behind the scenes when LinkedIn overhauled its development process.
  • Hack the Police Data: A sample application that came out of an event to hack police data and create applications for the good of all. Imagine if we joined hands to create such apps.
  • How to get free marketing: If you need some marketing for your application, simply integrate your application with Twitter API, flout the API rules and then do what this developer did.
  • Consolidation of API Companies: Unless you have been living in a cave, you would have noticed that the last few weeks have seen some lot of acquisitions and investments among companies that provide API management, Tools and Directory/Developer connections. Check out this article for a great summary.

Have a great week !

Check out the entire series of “10 Tech Stories To Read This Week”.


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