Speaking Engagements in 2013

The year 2013 has been a great one as far as my speaking engagements go, with an event every month. By speaking engagements, I am referring to my 1-day / 2-day hands-on workshops on Android and Cloud Computing.


The events in which I have spoken so far include:

1) January – BITS Pilani Goa – App Engine Workshop

The year kicked off with an interesting 2-day event at BITS Pilani (Goa). The event was organized by the Goa Android User Group as part of the workshops for the college’s main Tech festival : Quark. The first day saw nearly 80-90 students learn about Google App Engine via a 4 hour session. The next day we held a Hackathon for 6-7 teams to come up with an idea and develop an App Engine application as much as they can in a day. Very impressed to see some of the students put together a working app within 24 hours of their learning the platform.

2) February – Thakur Technical College – Android Workshop

This was a 2-day hands-on Android Development workshop organized for the students of Thakur Technical College in Mumbai. The event was held in first week of February and saw 70+ students spend 2 full days learning about Android, right from Hello World to uploading your application into Google Play store.

3) March – Student Dev Days – Goa

This was conducted as part of the Goa Android User Group activity. The event was a 1-day workshop on the Fundamentals of Android Development. The workshop was targeted at newbies who took their first steps in learning about what it takes to develop basic Android programs. The audience was mainly students from various Technical colleges in Goa and nearly 90+ students attended this event. The event was held in March. If you want the material, check out the Github project.

4) April – App Engine Workshop – GDG Ahmedabad

This was held in April and we had 70 participants. I took a 1-day Hands-on workshop on Google App Engine, where we began with a Hello World and then delved into various services like Datastore, XMPP, Email, Cron and also took an overview of the Administration Console. This event had a great mix of experienced professionals, students and college professors. The questions asked were top class. If you want the material, check out the Github project.

I have been fortunate to make trips to Goa and Gujarat. On both occasions, respective Google User Groups invited me for the events. In the case of Goa, it was the Goa Android User Group (GAUG) and recently in Gujarat, it was the Google Developer Group – Ahmedabad. I wish to thank the organizers of these groups for giving me the opportunity.


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