Google App Engine Workshop Material

On April 21, 2013, I conducted a hands-on workshop on Google App Engine as part of the GDG Ahmedabad chapter. The event was attended by around 70 people and we went through Google App Engine (Java) right from Hello World to coverage of various services like Datastore, XMPP, Email, Cron and also an overview of the Administrative Console.


The session was well received and I want to thank GDG Ahmedabad for inviting me over to conduct the session.

We have made the entire material available on Github for a wider audience. I encourage you to use the material if you want to learn about Google App Engine. Feel free to use the material in your local user group too if you want to. The more knowledge we spread, the more we will learn.

The material is hosted at :

The material consists of:

  • Presentation Slides
  • Hands-on Exercises : These are documents that you can follow to build out an example.
  • Source Code : All project source code is provided. You can directly import it into your Eclipse workspace.

Keep in mind, that we used the following setup at the workshop:

  • Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.7
  • Google App Engine Java SDK
  • Eclipe Juno with Google Eclipse Plugin

See the Application in Action

The application that we built out and which you can do too if you follow the hands-on material is hosted at The application is an Exam Results Portal that allows an user to retrieve the exam results via the following mechanisms:

  • Web Portal : Simply visit and use the following seat numbers as sample data:  226510  or 226511  or  226512 or 226513

s1 s2

  • Google Talk Client : Add the Bot as a friend in Google Talk. Then just type help and the bot will give you back commands that it can understand. Try giving it help or about or just send it the seat number, it will give back the result.


  • Email : Send out an email to with the seat number in the subject of the email. It will send out an email with the exam results.


Hope you find the material useful. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write back to
r o m i n . i r a n i  @ m i n d s t o r m s o f t w a r e . c o m

” App Engine Days Are Here Again …. !! ” 


3 thoughts on “Google App Engine Workshop Material

  1. On behalf of GDG Ahmedabad, I am thankful to you for coming and conducting workshop. Based on the feedbacks we have received, we can say It was one of the best workshop we have ever organized.

    All the participants has enjoyed all the practical examples by running and looking real fun into action, especially that Gtalk development and Chrone development example with practical demonstration.

    Thanks again 🙂 We are looking forward to have you on board again for such workshop.

    1. Thank You Paresh for your kind comments. I loved conducting the workshop and the organization and participants were superb. I look forward to associating myself for future events.

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