10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – April 23 Edition

Here are the 10 stories for this week:

  • Java 8 : Java Developers can look forward to some exciting features.
  • TweetDeck to close down: The popular TweetDeck client will pass down in the ages. This is yet another example of companies buying out competition and then closing them, although in this case Twitter did keep it running for some time.
  • LinkedIn updates mobile applications: LinkedIn is pushing the envelope and wants to get the best experience in place for its mobile applications. With a 200 million+ member community, it makes sense to do that since mobile is going to be at the center of everything.
  • 10 Important Companies in Cloud Computing: A great list that maps out what the main players in the Cloud Infrastructure ecosystem are upto. I believe there is enough for all since interoperability is a long way off.
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Web Site: Looking for a tutorial to learn about Responsive Web Design for a mobile application. Try this series.
  • API Checklist: Designing and implementing your first public API? If yes, this is the best checklist that I have found till date. Solid material in here and a big thanks to the author for sharing this with all of us.
  • JavaScript frameworks compared: A great comparison of 4 popular JavaScript frameworks: Angular, Ember, Backbone and CanJS and how they stack up against each other on various features.
  • Future of learning to program: Learning to program for kids is taking more of a visual approach rather than a syntactical approach. Is this necessarily a good thing? I would say yes, till they reach an age where they can get into the low level syntax. Here is another great tool that will be available.
  • Google Glass API: The most anticipated device for developers now has an API. And its all driven by Web Services hosted in the cloud that the Glass hardware will interact with.
  • Browser Extension: No matter how powerful the browsers get, we still dig some lovely browser extensions or plugins that do pretty useful stuff for us. Now learn how to write one if you are a developer.

Have a great week !

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